greek ferry system

If you’ve never been to Greece, you probably didn’t know that Greece is made up of thousands of islands. A small portion of these are inhabited across the Aegean and Ionian Seas. The most accessible and cheapest way to explore the Greek Islands is by utilizing their ferry system.

The ferry system connects the mainland port to several different islands and there are also inter – island ferry routes. There are numerous ferry lines that move passengers from one destination to the next. If you are traveling with rolling luggage or large duffels, you should plan to keep these items on the lower deck where the cars are located. Keep in mind you may encounter stairs where you need to carry your luggage.

Most ferry rides take several hours depending on your route. If the weather is windy, you may experience a wavy experience on the ferry. Those who suffer with motion sickness should plan to bring anti – nausea pills. However if it is a beautiful day in Greece, you should plan to have a pretty smooth ride. Depending on the line and route, some ferries may offer amenities such as cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, and outer decks. Premium options are available including reserved seating, lounge areas, and food services.

tickets are available to purchase online

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