Japan : the active itinerary

prepared for : active / adventure / young / couples / solo

travel time : 11 days

destinations : Tokyo, Yokohama, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka

travel preparation :

  1. Documentation : passport is valid for at least 90 days beyond the return date
  2. Visa : ONLY if staying more than 90 days *pro tip
  3. Money : ATM and credit cards active and banks have been notified of travel
  4. carry – on : change of clothes and essential medications in carry on baggage

currency : Japanese yen (JPY) price ranges for spending money can vary, but figure $50 – $100 / day. tipping is not accepted in Japan. gather local currency at ATM located at convenience stores or airports.

packing : You will be on the go quite often, so it is recommended to pack as light as possible. Recommendations for baggage include backpack or durable rolling luggage that is clearly labeled with your information.

  • electricity : North American plug type A (2 prong)

credit cards : Most major credit cards are widely accepted in tourist areas. In more remote areas, it is best to carry cash.

health & safety : no requirements at this time.

insurance : medical insurance is highly recommended as it can safeguard against the expenses associated with emergencies, lost / delayed baggage, or trip interruptions.

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day to day itinerary :

day 1 : TOKYO

Tokyo : the capital of Japan and one of the most populated cities in the world. Technological advancements push this vibrant city forward providing its population with a fast paced feel. The city combines culture and modernity which creates an enticing destination for explorers.

arrival : Haneda Airport (HND) or Narita International Airport (NRT)

visit TeamLab *pro tip

night in TOKYO

day 2 : TOKYO

stroll through Yoyogi Park and visit Meiji Jingu Shrine

Shibuya Sky *pro tip

night in TOKYO

day 3 : TOKYO

walk through Chiyoda visiting the Imperial Palace, Fujimi – yagura Tower, and Kokyo Gaien National Garden *pro tip

Tokyo Sky Tree *pro tip

night in TOKYO


Yokohama : waterfront setting with an energetic feel. Get a taste of China as the city houses one of the largest chinatowns in the world. Unique high rise architecture and economics showcase a presence of hard work ethics.

travel to Yokohama

walk around Yokohama Chinatown and Yamashita Park

night in YOKOHAMA


Hakone : away from the city towards the mountains a quieter environment with iconic views of Mt. Fuji. Traditional hot springs called onsens and traditional inns called ryokans create a unique experience for any.

before leaving Yokohama, visit Cup Noodles Museum, Yokohama Cosmoworld, and Yokohama Landmark Tower *pro tip

travel to Hakone

night in HAKONE

day 6 : HAKONE -> KYOTO

Kyoto : a centrally located city encompassing deep roots of culture and tradition. Simplicity emphasizes the need of zen experiences and way of living. Surrounded with cultural architecture and tranquil gardens attracting visitors to experience its historic landscape.

visit the Hakone Open – Air Museum *pro tip

travel to Hakone Owakudani, Lake Ashinoko, and Togendai observation square

travel to Kyoto

night in KYOTO

day 7 : KYOTO

walk through Fushimi Inari Taisha

stroll through Nishiki Market *pro tip

visit nearby shopping districts

night in KYOTO

day 8 : KYOTO -> NARA

Nara : an ancient capital containing historic sites and gardens. filled with peaceful surroundings and true authenticity. friendly deer are cherished and occupy a park where visitors can interact.

explore Kiyomizu – dera Temple

travel to Nara

night in NARA

day 9 : NARA -> OSAKA

Osaka : a lively on-the-go city filled with vibrance throughout. culture is present throughout as well as traditional architecture. food and entertainment attract many to the welcoming atmosphere.

walk around Nara Park

travel to Osaka

explore Dotombori

night in OSAKA

day 10 : OSAKA

visit Osaka Aquarium *pro tip

explore Ebisuhigashi

go to Osaka Castle and explore surrounding park

night in OSAKA

day 11 : departure

depart from Kansai International Airport (KIX)

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